Patriot & Liberty Power Plants

Owner: Moxie Power Systems  |  Location: Bradford and Lycoming Counties, PA  |  Project Cost: Confidential  |  Status: Completed
Photo Credit:
Gemma Lane

*This work was performed by The Lane Construction Corporation, an affiliate company to Lane Power & Energy Solutions, Inc.

The Lane Construction Corp. in a construction joint venture with Gemma Power Systems constructed two new power plants in Bradford and Lycoming Counties in Pennsylvania.

Each plant was constructed using the combined cycle philosophy based on two identical single-shaft power trains supported by certain common balance-of-plant systems. Each power train consists of a single combustion turbine and a single steam turbine driving opposite ends of a single, common generator, and a single heat recovery steam generator that is lightly duct-fired.

The single-heat recovery steam generator has a selective catalytic reduction system for nitrous oxide control, and an oxidation catalyst to reduce carbon monoxide and volatile organic compound emissions. There is on-site storage of aqueous ammonia to support the selective catalytic reduction operation. Each steam turbine exhausts to an air-cooled condenser.